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Research of house dust for mite allergens presence in the house of allergic person

image005Research is conducted using a semi-quantitative chemical test allowing estimation of levels of mite allergens with good accuracy. The test is directed to detect most common allergens (and most sensitizing), mite of the genus Dermatophagoides. Tests are performed on samples of dust supplied by the patient or, if necessary, collected by an employee from company via a modern and efficient… vacuum cleaner, allowing to acquire the samples even from lower layers of coverings or thick carpets. The test is carried extemporaneously (resulsts are ready approximately in 10 minutes). The test is an important clue as to the further course of  therapy of people allergic to house dust mites, which, combined with simplicity of use and very low price makes it the most used test in cases of suspected allergy to mites. In the case of a positive test result we deactivate allergens using ozonation.

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