Reactors for dissolving ozone in liquid

Information on Korona reactors which are used to dissolve ozone in liquids


Most industrial mass transfer processes consists in penetration of a component or several components from one phase to another through the interphase: extraction, absorption, distillation, drying, etc.
Mass transfer during penetration covers the following three stages:

  1. Mass penetration from the inside of the first phase to the interphase, i.e. to the film at the junction of ozone and liquid.
  2. Transfer of mass through the interphase – through the film.
  3. Mass penetration from the interphase to the inside of the second phase – from the film to the liquid.



Reactor – boiler drum (steel 316 L) on legs – 1200 L: 2 lamella sieves 2 mm, 1 diffuser, 1 inlet connector, 2 outlet connectors, 1 revision connector (pH, conductivity meter, dissolved ozone concentration meter, etc.)

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