Korona L 20 SPALAB ozone generator – 20 g ozone/h

Ozonator (ozoniser) for ozonation of liquids (fluids or gases) and application of ozone with potentiometrically adjusted concentration (20 mg/L ÷140 mg/L) to places distant from the ozonator (up to 50 m).

Description of the ozonator

The quality and performance of the Korona L Spalab ozone generator have been confirmed by: the Faculty of Chemical Technology in Poznań University of Technology, the Department of Organic Chemistry in University of Łódź, Oil and Gas Institute, Synthex Technologies, the Department of Chemistry, Water and Wastewater Technology in Częstochowa University of Technology and Euro-Industry.

Application – laboratory and semi-technical; ozonolysis of liquids (fluids or gases), application of ozone to places distant from the device (up to 50 m)

Supply voltage – 230 VAC/50 Hz
Power consumption – 250 W
Controllers – on/off switch, power supply diode, operation diode, fuse, rotameter, timer
– ozone concentration adjusted potentiometrically from 10% to 100% (ca 20 mg/L ÷ 140 mg/L)
– timer (timer switch): from 1 second to 99 hours
– ozone generator is equipped with a rotameter adjustment of the supply gas volume from 0.5 to 3.0 l/min
Supply gas – air, oxygen, mixture of oxygen and inert gas
– minimum supply gas volume – 0.25 L/min
– maximum supply gas volume – 10 L/min (beyond the rotameter range)
Dimensions – 420/365/150 mm
Weight – 8 kg
Housing – steel, aluminium
Ozone production method – quiet corona discharges, own technology (steel and ceramic lamps coated with alloy of platinum and iridium are manufactured in our laboratory)
Warranty – 4 years
Efficiency – 10 g/h when supplied with oxygen 3 L/min (293 K), 15 g/h when supplied with oxygen (293 K)
8 L/min, 20 g/h when supplied with 100% oxygen (273 K) 10 L/min
Lifetime – no limits
Continuous operation time – without limits
Certificate – CE
Price – PLN 11 500 net

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