Korona L 20 AQUASWIM ozone generator – 20 g ozone/h

Ozone generator, ozonator for household pools, garden pools, ponds, small industrial installations and to ozonise water from wells (hydrophore systems) or other water for its disinfection (drinking water, water for animals); suitable for continuous operation inside or outside the rooms at -10°C ÷ +50 ºC and humidity up to 100%

Description of the ozonator

Application – water ozonation in pools up to 200 m³, storage tanks for live fish, zoos aquariums (over 1000 L), pond ozonation (with or without fish), contaminated water ozonation, industrial water ozonation, ozonation of water in the garden pool, transfer of ozone to locations distant from the device (up to 50 m). Ozone generator designed for operation inside/ outside rooms at temperatures between -10°C and +50°C and humidity up to 100%; the ozone generator has double electrical systems, protected against moisture and changing weather conditions.

Supply voltage – 230 VAC/50 Hz
Power consumption – 300 W
Fuse – 2 A
Controllers – operation time counter, digital ammeter, rotameter (allows for adjustment of ozone volume), on/ off switch with fuse
Ozone production method – quiet corona discharges, own technology (steel and ceramic lamps coated with alloy of platinum and iridium are manufactured in our laboratory)
Cooling – metal, non-corrosive fan, on bearings; plastic, cheap fans degrade ozone
Supply gas – built-in air pump with efficiency of max. 12 L/min. or oxygen supply from oxygen concentrator
Dimensions – 400/300/230 mm
Weight – 7 kg
Housing – galvanized powder painted steel
Warranty – 4 years
Efficiency – 10 ÷ 20 g ozone/h (depends on the supply gas composition)
Lifetime – no limits
Continuous operation time – without limits
Certificate – CE
Price – PLN 6 300 net

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