Ozone generator for swimming pool

Swimming pool ozone generators

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Korona L 20 Aquaswim

It ozonises swimming pool water in garden and indoor pools, ponds with or without fish. Ozone generator especially protected against changing, extreme weather conditions. It has a built-in air pump (no additional accessories required) and a connector for optional oxygen supply to boost its efficiency three times.

water 60

Korona Water 60 mobile swimming pool water ozonation system

„Ozone Injection System Korona Water 60” mobile water ozonation system with three contact tanks designed for immediate operation.


Korona Tower 400 mobile swimming pool water ozonation system

Mobile water ozonation system with the efficiency of 400 g ozone/h

Ozonation systems for water treatment in swimming pools

Water ozonation significantly improves its odour, eliminates chlorine taste and cloudy colouration characteristic for chlorinated water. Industrial ozone generators with venturi systems, oxygen concentrators, pumps, contact tanks are used for water ozonation in pools and pool disinfection.
Our ozonation systems are used in public pools, hotel pools, garden (household) pools, spa centres, thermal baths.
Our pool water treatment systems are mainly installed in Poland. However, several of these installations are used in Germany and Austria.

Korona swimming pool ozone generators

We ensure proper selection of devices for water ozonation. We set the best parameters for ozone – pool water mass transfer based on tests in our own laboratory. This minimises the costs and maximises the pool water saturation with ozone.

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