What kind of ozone generator to choose for a car

Ozone generators for car ozonation

What kind of ozone generator to buy for a car, with what performance?

We spend more and more time in cars. There, we breathe air passed through filters, ventilation ducts. However, it is contaminated with bacteria, viruses and fungi. By conducting the ozonation treatment of the car interior, air conditioning, we will remove all the listed allergens.

Korona ozone generators damage all fungi, bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odours in the ventilation ducts and interior of the car.

We are faced with the choice of an ozone generator designed only for cars (Minimax) or higher-performance ozone generators (A 20, A 40) allowing for ozonation of a car more effectively and able to ozonise rooms (cubatures), ventilation systems in office buildings and others.

A 10

Korona A 10 Minimax

Ozone generator for car ozonation, cleaning car air conditioning. Ozone generator powered by 230 V or 12 V cigarette lighter. Of course, this machine can also be used to ozonise rooms. However, to be effective, this treatment can only be applied to very small rooms – 20 m² 2.5m high.

A 20

Korona A 20 “Healthy house”

Semi-professional ozone generator for car ozonation, cleaning car air conditioning. It enables efficient ozonation of small rooms (apartments, cellars, locker rooms, saunas, caravans, etc.).

A 40

Korona A 40 Standard

Standard ozone generator for car workshops, car wash, specialist companies – ozonation of large rooms, cleaning air conditioning, car interiors – possible ozonation of two cars simultaneously

The main issue – performance of the ozone generator

ozonator-chinski2Don’t get cheated! “Devices” that do not even deserve an amateur title – plastic toys for a few hundred PLNs do not produce sufficient quantity of ozone to obtain a threshold concentration to start disinfection – they are not suitable for ozonation, cleaning car air conditioning, apartment, etc.

Of course, when you work with this “device” you will feel the characteristic smell of ozone (already the minimum concentration of ozone in the air – 0.02 ppm is perceived by the human sense of smell). The use of such “devices” has, however, nothing to do with the ozonation treatment.
Ozone generator must have a real efficiency of at least 5 g of ozone per hour of operation to perform its function – produce the appropriate quantity of ozone allowing for disinfection: cleaning air conditioning, removing persistent odours, killing viruses, bacteria, mites, fungi.

Our ozone generators (based on own technology of steel and glass lamps coated with alloy of platinum):


Korona “Minimax”

Ozone generator for car ozonation designed to meet the growing demand for non-chemical methods of cleaning car air conditioning and car interior ozonation.
Minimax ozone generator performs the ozonation of the air conditioning and the interior of the car within 1 hour.
The machine produces 10 g of ozone per hour. It is an ozone generator designed mainly for ozonation of car interiors, air conditioning – unlike our other constructions, it has a horizontal ozone outlet. The stream of ozone and air is distributed from the passenger glove compartment through the air conditioning system and air outlets to the entire car. This ensures ozone reaches evenly to every corner of the car, which is essential for proper disinfection. Minimax ozone generator can successfully ozonise very small cubature.


Korona A 20 “Healthy house”

The ozone generator performs the ozonation of the car interior and cleans the air conditioning within 30 minutes.

The most popular in the market ozone generator the successor of the Korona Auto-hotel ozone generator sold in the number of several thousand. Korona A 20 is widely used in several hundred car washes, workshops in Poland, England, the Scandinavian countries and even in Australia. It is a semi-professional disinfection ozone generator, ozonising rooms up to 200 m³. A metal, non-corrosive fan, on bearings provides a strong ozone stream ejection that allows the ozone to reach any place of the ozonated room. Ozone generator used in the disinfection of apartments, kindergartens, caravans, yachts, semi-professional in the hotel industry, gastronomy, etc.

A 40

Korona A 40 – professional ozone generator for workshops, car wash

Are you a professional? Do you own a workshop, car wash? Is your business connected to washing and upholstery cleaning services? For you, we also have an ozonation device.

Korona A 40 Standard ozone generator – basic device for professionals. By using two discharge pipes, it is possible to ozone two cars at the same time and perform this treatment for 30 minutes. 30 minutes – two cars – maximum profit, minimum ozonation time. It is suitable for professional ozonation of homes, nurseries, kindergartens, public utility buildings, waiting rooms in health centres, dental surgeries, doctor’s office.

About the technology of ozone production in our ozone generators

Our ozone generators are based on our own technology of glass and steel lamps vacuum-coated with alloy of platinum. We do not use ceramic plates to produce ozone generators.

Ceramic plates for corona discharges are available for purchase at online auctions. You can place them in a housing yourself – instructions on how to do it are available on the Internet forums. Of course, a device producing ozone will be made. However, this device will never reach the threshold concentration needed to start the disinfection. Such an ozone generator (based on ceramic plates) requires very frequent, complicated cleaning of the tile surface, heating in the furnace, it is not resistant to moisture, dust present in the air during the ozonation. It will work failure-free for only a few hundred hours.

Does the “Korona” ozone generator, ozone produced by it, destroy upholstery, leather, electronics in the car?


Our ozone generators, even those of high efficiency (such as Korona A 40) do not cause any damage to the car. They do not degrade plastics, leather. They do not damage the electronics. They do not discolour upholstery, leather.


Unlike the competition that produces ozone generators based on Chinese ceramic plates, our company uses its own technology and produces platinum-plated ozonising glass lamps. This unique, costly technology has reduced the production of nitrogen multioxides harmful to upholstery and leather. Ceramic plates for corona discharges produce multioxides and these compounds convert into nitrous acid reacting with water vapour. The acid etches plastics dyes and degrades both artificial and genuine leather. Therefore, competing products (ozone generators) can destroy the interior of the car. That’s why they are cheaper than our designs.

When choosing our machines for ozonation of interior of car, car air conditioning of higher performance, you receive, beyond safety, shorter car ozonation time, faster service.

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