Korona L 10 MED medical ozone generator – 10 g ozone/h

Ozone generator for medical applications (dentistry, treatment of skin lesions, diabetic foot wounds and other diseases), veterinary, cosmetic, home applications (ozonation of water for compresses, ozonation of water for rinsing food - removes bacteria, pesticides, antibiotics), ozonation of aquariums, small garden pools

Description of the ozonator

The quality and performance of the Korona L Med ozone generator have been confirmed by Faculty of Chemistry, University of Lodz..

Application – treatment of skin lesions, treatment of diabetic foot wounds, treatment of abrasions and wounds in humans and animals, ozonation of drinking water and water to prepare herbal infusions, ozonation of fruits, vegetables, meat, ozonation of water for compresses, and others (in consultation with a doctor, with his consent and in accordance with his instructions); ozonation of aquariums, small garden pools, ozonation of small cubatures (<60m3), the ozone generator is also used for disinfection of car air conditioning, refrigerators, wardrobes, furniture, hard-to-reach places, ozone transmission to places distant from the ozonator (up to 30 m).

Supply voltage – 230 VAC/50 Hz
Power consumption – 180 W
Accessories – built-in air pump, diffuser with drain for self-ozonation of water (5 L – 15 min.), sleeve with connections for ozonation of diabetic foot, 10 medical drains (certificate)
Controllers – timer, power supply diode, operation (ozonation) diode
Ozone production method – quiet corona discharges, own technology (steel and ceramic lamps coated with alloy of platinum and iridium are manufactured in our laboratory)
Supply gas – surrounding air, optionally oxygen
Dimensions – 370/350/300 mm
Weight – 8.5 kg
Housing – galvanized powder painted steel
Warranty – 4 years
– 5 ÷ 10 g/h (5 000 ÷ 10 000 mg/h); the efficiency depends on the supply gas parameters
Lifetime – no limits
Continuous operation time – without limits
Certificate – CE
Price – PLN 3 650 net; additional PLN 180 net – converter for powering the ozone generator from the cigarette lighter socket 12 V

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