Korona Air 40 mobile compressed ozone production system; gaseous ozone generator from air or oxygen

Two-section, four-lamp compressed ozone production system (oxygen generators included) for industrial applications: decontamination of production halls, ozonation of food products, ventilation, air conditioning, supply of reactors with ozone (scrubbers, absorbers, etc.). Efficient and failure-free system. Steel construction on the wheeled stand. A complete gaseous ozone generator of our own production and construction adjusted for immediate installation.

Description of the ozonator

The quality and performance of the Korona L Labtech ozone generator have been confirmed by: the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry of the University of Rzeszów , the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Science, the Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials of the Polish Academy of Science, the Laboratory of New Functional Materials Technology at the University of Warsaw, “Polko” group – trade and processing of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms, Technopark Łódź, Algealabs Laboratory, District Co-operative in Łowicz and Euro-Industry.

“Ozone Injection System Korona Air 40” mobile gaseous ozone production system 
1. Korona L Labtech ozone generator (performance – 40 g ozone/h) – two-section
2. Air (pump) compressors
3. Oxygen concentrators for supplying the ozone generator
4. Control valves, check valves, piping
5. The whole on the wheeled stand (INOX) with locking wheels

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