Korona A 150 MOBILE – mobile, industrial air ozonation system

Mobile system (ozonator) ozonising surrounding air on the wheeled stand.

Description of the ozonator

Application – professional, for disinfection, mite removal and deodorisation of public utility buildings (stations, entertainment halls, sports halls), warehouses, factory halls, production halls, restaurants, flat warehouses for grain and other agricultural crops (vegetables, soft fruits); piggeries, poultry houses; the ozone generator recommended to professionals or persons with substantive preparation (we recommend free training ended with a certificate); division of corona discharge lamps into two sections allows for the reduction of ozone production depending on the needs; timer (timer switch) up to 99 hours of continuous operation, continuous operation switch (timer off); absence of electronic, unnecessary gadgets reduce breakdowns; ozone generator on the steel mobile stand.

Supply voltage – 230 VAC/50 Hz
Power consumption – 900 W
Fuse – 5 A
Controllers – 230 VAC backlit on/off switch, power supply diodes, operation (ozonation) diodes, fuse, 2 timers (programmable timer switch up to 99 hours), timer off (any length of continuous operation – no limits);
Supply gas – surrounding air
Ozone production method – quiet corona discharges, own technology (steel and glass lamps coated with alloy of platinum and iridium are manufactured in our laboratory)
Cooling (ozone distribution) – metal, non-corrosive fans, on bearings; plastic, cheap fans degrade ozone
Dimensions – 750/750/450 mm
Weight – 50 kg
Housing – INOX steel
Warranty – 2 years
Efficiency – minimum 150 g ozone/h (150,000 mg/h)
Lifetime – no limits
Continuous operation time – without limits
Certificate – CE
Price – PLN 18 500 net

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