Industrial ozone generators

Industrial ozone generators of our production

Industrial ozone generators  – application:

  1. Obtaining ozonated water for ozone ice production used in:
    » fish and seafood processing plants (storage of fish and seafood to extend shelf life)
  2. Obtaining ozonated water as a disinfectant in:
    » fish processing plants (washing fish before gutting, washing slices, fillets, defrosting baths, tools, tanks, etc.),
    » meat processing plants (washing half carcasses, floor, meat cutting tables, tools),
    » agri-food plants: using ozonated water for rinsing fruits, vegetables and other agricultural crops (herbs, grains, spices) destroys gray mould, bacteria and fungi),
    » egg processing plants (disinfection of eggs before packing or breaking),
    » swimming pools, ponds, breeding ponds, zoo aquariums
  3. Obtaining gaseous ozone as a biocidal product in:
    » agri-food production plants (ozonation of production lines, conveyor belts, ventilation and air conditioning),
    » chemical plants for deodorisation (removing odours) of waste gases,
    » cowsheds, piggeries, poultry houses,
    » disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems in residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, railway stations, hospitals and other public utility buildings.
  4. Drinking water ozonation for consumption purposes

Industrial ozone generators:

A 100

Korona A 100 Pro industrial ozone generator

It ozonises (decontaminates, removes bacteria, viruses, fungi) food processing halls, warehouses for storing fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, seeds and production halls where sterility is required; by ozonising the air, all objects in contact with it (meat cutting tables, floors, walls, tools, protective clothing, etc.) are disinfected; professional ozone generator with low weight in relation to the performance; ozone generator with four connectors directed upwards (efficient ozonation of air) with the possibility for easy installation of pipes that allow the supply of ozone to hard to reach places.

A 150

Korona A 150 Mobile industrial ozone generator

Mobile system ozonising surrounding air. Recommended for production halls, meat establishments, poultry houses, piggeries and other large cubatures.

A 300 industry

Korona A 300 Industry industrial ozone generator

A typically industrial ozone generator that can be suspended from the ceiling. Ozone generator suitable for all conditions (dust, temperature, humidity). Strong steel construction. Mainly used in piggeries, cowsheds, poultry houses as a stationary device for disinfection of rooms, where sterility is required. Possibility of connecting pipes for ozone transmission at a distance of 30 m.

Air 40

„Ozone Injection System Korona Air 40” industrial system for compressed ozone production


Korona Air 40 mobile ozone injection system is a system that delivers compressed gaseous ozone for disinfection or further technological applications.

water 60

„Ozone Injection System Korona Water 60” industrial water ozonation system

Industrial mobile water ozonation system with three contact tanks, adapted for immediate connection to each installation.


Industrial ozone generator Korona L 400 Tower

Industrial ozone generator with the efficiency of 400 g ozone/h for ozonation of water or air.

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