Korona A 40 Standard ozone generator – 40 g ozone/h

Ozone generator for disinfection, mite removal, deodorisation of cubatures up to 400 m³ (room of 160 m² and 2.5 m height); warranty - 5 years.

Description of the ozonator

Application – semi-professional, for disinfection, mite removal, deodorisation of cubature up to 400 m³ (160 m² height ± 2.5 m); ozone generator has two upward-facing connectors (no need to mount the device on the elevation) with the possibility of fitting pipes when performing ozonation of air conditioners, ventilation systems, refrigerators, freezers, under-ceiling storage shelves, cars through a half-open window – ozone generator for car workshops, car wash – enables ozonation of two cars at the same time; available from the outside, timer switch adjustable by clicks in the range from 1 minute to 99 hours; the ozone generator does not contain any unnecessary electronic gadgets that could be a source of breakdowns

Supply voltage – 230 VAC/50 Hz
Power consumption – 250 W
Fuse – 2 A
Controllers – 230 VAC backlit on/off switch, power supply diode, operation (ozonation) diode, fuse, timer (programmable timer switch)
Supply gas 
– surrounding air
Ozone production method – quiet corona discharges, own technology (steel and glass lamps coated with alloy of platinum and iridium are manufactured in our laboratory)
Cooling (ozone distribution) – metal, non-corrosive fans, on bearings; plastic, cheap fans are degraded by ozone
– 360/500/300 mm
Weight – 11 kg
Housing – galvanized double powder painted steel
Warranty – 5 years
Efficiency – 40 g ozone/h (40,000 mg/h)
Lifetime – no limits
Continuous operation time – without limits
Certificate – CE
Price – PLN 5 900 net; additional PLN 180 net – converter for powering the ozone generator from the cigarette lighter socket 12 V

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