Ozone generators

Professional ozone generators - reliability confirmed by numerous references. We are the manufacturer of original Polish ozone generators. We build and sell ozone generators based on our own unique technology.

Professional Korona ozone generators – guarantee of reliable and trouble-free operation

Our ozone generator has been working without any failures in “Ovopol” for 6 years without even an hour of break. Yes! 24 hours a day, for 6 years.

Our ozone generators are built on the basis of good engineering practice, professionalism and on the basis of research in our own laboratory. Owing to this, we offer ozone generators that are verified, trouble-free and of the best price/performance ratio in the world market. Ozone generators services are performed immediately by qualified technicians. For all our ozone generators and ozonation equipment we provide a minimum of four years warranty. For ozone generators – Korona A 20 “Healthy house” and Korona A 40 Standard, the most popular in the market, we provide a five-year warranty. Our ozone generators are based primarily on our own technology and experience supported by scientific knowledge and many years of practice in the industry.

The ozone generators presented on the website are not the only ones that we produce. We build professional ozone generators for scientific purposes, for renowned universities. We support scientific work and we do research on request. Planning scientific experiments related to ozone research is a standard in our business.

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