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Research and development “Korona” Laboratory is a leader in production technology of ozone generators and ozonation in the European Union


Information on ozone air purifier – ozonation offered by the research and development Korona Laboratory.
Air purification ozone systems ensure its purity in terms of chemical and biological use thanks to ozone oxidation technology. Ozone air purification and air ozonation systems guarantee disinfection and control of odors in the environment of surroinding us air, perfectly reducing the number of allergens. Ozone, because of its very strong oxidizing properties (oxidation-reduction potential 2.07 V) is applied in the destruction of bacteria, viruses, fungi and their spores, dust mites, oxidizes organic compounds disinfecting containing them fluids (liquids, gases). Ozone also oxidizes dissolved inorganic compounds (semiconductor industry, purification of drinking water).
Oxidation of smells using air purifier, ozone generator, ozonator and purification of the room from the exhaust gas such as sulfur, nitrogen and aromatic compounds guarantees air purification in waste gases of chemical reactors. It makes the process of ozonation being widely used aswell by people in private sector as in companies. Purifying air using an ozone air purifier from research and development “Korona” Laboratory is very effective. Products for ozone air purification by “Korona” Laboratory are high-quality products that improve air quality by reducing indoor air pollution that couldn`t have been purified by filters.
Ozone air purifier eliminates odors and other pollutants already at their source using air purification system. Research and development “Korona” Laboratory is a leader in technology of ozone air purifiers and ozone air purification systems in Poland. Research and development “Korona” Laboratory is happy to answer your questions about ozone air purification, and processes on the basis of which air purification system using technology of air purification with ozone operates. Sick building syndrome. Because in order to conserve energy buildings are getting hermetic, they are also full of pollutants. Sources of pollution are very different: ranging from the chemical release of new carpets or flooring, natural degradation of polymers used in paints and furniture, and multifunctioning devices, cleaning agents, or even what people exhale. Research carried out by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in 1986 showed that some of the new buildings have a “level of chemicals by 100 times higher than the level of chemicals on the outside.” The consequences of this situation are drowsiness, headaches, irritability, tremors, forgetfulness and reduced productivity. Less often they are viral and bacterial infections transmitted in the air, such as Legionnaires’ disease, but their consequences can be much more critical. The fulfillment of minimum requirements for air quality in room often involves the forced introduction of outdoor air to dilute these contaminants. This method is not only limited in terms of efficiency, but also expensive, particularly in cases where  heating or cooling is necessary. When  level of pollution inside the room is very high, as for example in the case of basement parking polluted by vehicle emissions, the costs can be strongly prohibitive, providing only acceptable level of quality.
Research and development “Korona” Laboratory has necessary technology and equipment. Modern washers may purify various amount of air. When the problem of air pollution is becoming a problem of water pollution, contamination can be effectively removed by its destruction using our ozone reactors. They are real solution, not only the dissolution of the transfer of contamination from one medium to another. What constituted as hazardous pollution became completely odorless, it has been destroyed or converted into non-toxic, biodegradable compounds, which can easily be eliminated.


To remove odors, mold and mildew eradication and get rid of micro-pollutants from facilities/residential buildings, we recommend ozonator intended for use in households offered by research and development “Korona” Laboratory. The concentration of ozone gas at levels below 0.05 ppm makes the air being close to clean and fresh air like after the storm.


We invite you to ask questions. Research and development “Korona” Laboratory provides consulting services and provides equipment that ensures cost-effective solutions to help you cope with problems related to air quality .

High-quality technology for disinfection with ozone, ozonation.

If you plan to reach the available measures for disinfection with ozone use solutions provided by companies that are leaders in the field of disinfection with ozone. Research and development “Korona” Laboratory solves problems of water quality, wastewater treatment and air pollution control. Research and development “Korona” Laboratory suggests disinfection with ozone utilizing modern ozone reactor in conjunction with other innovative disinfection processes necessary in individual cases.


The equipment produced by the research and development “Korona” Laboratory uses a high oxidation potential of ozone. Efficient injectors, static mixers, reaction vessel and filters make the disinfection process with ozone made by research and development “Korona” Laboratory is extremely effective. The disinfection with ozone completely eliminates contamination at the source using the technology of disinfection with ozone.


Ryc. Dezynfekcja


(from the left)
Redoxpotential (ORP) in mV
Coliform bacteria x 100/ml
ozone concentration in mg/l
Bacterial destruction of E. Coli. at 35°C.






Research and development “Korona” Laboratory is the technology leader for disinfectants in Poland. Employees of research and development “Korona” Laboratory will answer questions concerning disinfection with ozone, and our proposed process of disinfection with ozone using disinfection technology using Ozone (O3), which strongly oxidizes and disinfects. This is the most effective solution in this field, which can be produced and available on the market at a reasonable price. Ozone is a form of oxygen that has in its molecule three oxygen atoms. Oxygen molecule in the air contains only two atoms of oxygen.

In literature you can find information that ozone reacts thousand times faster than chlorine, which makes it much more effective disinfectant. EPA guidelines (Environmental Protection Agency) include guidelines for disinfection using chlorine and ozone. For example, disinfection using 1 ppm of chlorine in water at 20°C and a pH value of 7 required 75 minutes retention time. The effectiveness of disinfection is 99.9%. Ozone treatment of the same water using ozone at 99.9%. Efficiency at the same temperature and pH, and the ozone concentration of 1 mg/l, requiring only 57 seconds of retention time. In this example, the water sample was contaminated by the presence of protozoa of the genus Giardia. In contrast to chlorine, which is oxidized and leaves the by-product, ozone just goes back to the form of oxygen. Generally in oxidation and disinfection process, only one oxygen atom is used in a chemical reaction.

Another important benefit of ozone is that it is generated on site as required. There is no need to monitor residual by-products of the disinfection process or to store chemicals.
Disinfection involves the destruction of pathogens in the water, killing bacteria, virus inactivation and elimination of parasites. If the disinfection process is not carried out in an appropriate way, apparently distribution of clean water which can completely devoid of any traces of toxic substances that are carcinogenic or mutagenic, may constitute an unacceptable risk, because it will seriously affect and threaten the health of the general public. Instead of carrying out a long microbiological laboratory tests for water quality and disinfection, we want to limit our measurements used worldwide and accepted parameter for water quality described as the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). The World Health Organization recommends that a minimum level of oxidation-reduction potential ORP was 700 mV for disinfected water in rural areas of the world.
The value of ORP is an easy method to determine the environment in which typical for aquatic environment micro-organisms survive. Because both chlorine and ozone have disinfecing and oxidating properties, the threshold value ORP can be determined on the basis of experiments, which gives us insight into the aquatic environment, in which the microorganisms can survive. Here is a drawing that illustrates this issue. Given the ozone concentration of which was determined on the abscissa, and the ORP value specified in mV on a coordinate axis, we can see the envelope, which occurs at ORP values above 650, except that microorganisms that have undergone a few minutes exposure are not able to survive. Therefore, it is relatively easy to verify the microbiological tests and associate them with the values of ORP water samples.

For example, fruit and vegetable industry reported that in some cases of microbial corruption there is a loss of up to 30% of the harvest. We believe that the effective use of ozone can reduce these losses to almost zero.


Chemical disinfection using ozone

Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, but also is unstable in time. It must be produced on-site by subjecting dry air to electric high-voltage and high-frequency- corona discharge. It falls apart hundreds of times more rapidly than chlorine and has much shorter contact time in the destruction of viruses and bacteria, including spores. In addition, effectively eliminates compounds that cause undesirable color and flavor.
After application of ozone disinfection ozone level is 1-2 mg/l – concentration is decreasing with time and completely safe for human consumption, even in the case of consuming such water. High costs of installation oppose very low operating costs indicating admittedly on the economic justification for the use of ozone as a safe and environment-friendly (ozone breaks down to oxygen) disinfectant.

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