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Ozonation systems | Installations for ozonation

Installations for ozonation (air and water ozonation systems) of the Polish manufacturer.

Our company is able to undertake the construction of any installation for ozonation.

We produce ozonation systems that are popular in Poland and abroad. In addition to the ozonation of contaminated water, the production of ozone (ozonated) water for further applications, these systems are used to ozonise food products, grains in elevators, feed, herbs, raw meat. They are used in disinfection of air conditioning and ventilation systems, ozonation of factory halls, etc. Cooperation with a customer at the design stage allows to select the parameters, the type of ozone generator and the mass transfer method to the needs – thus makes savings related to the oversized installation. We provide professional knowledge supported by many years of experience and possibility of testing in our own laboratory.

We conducted ozonation systems, among others, in the “Euro-Industry” fish processing plant (salmon, halibut), the mushroom-producing plant, the agri-food plant producing the mixed citrus fruit syrups, the “Ovopol” egg production plant, the pet food production plants, “Polko” vegetables, fruits and mushrooms production plant, fats production and processing plants, chocolate factory; our gaseous ozone generators are used in “Morpol”, one of the largest salmon processing plants in the world. They are also used in “Algea-Labs”, “Łowicz” dairy.

Cooperation with MEGA Sp. z o.o. resulted in the construction of a water-air cleaner for washing fruits and vegetables in ozone water (photos in the “Ozonation systems – gallery” tab):

Professionals in the industry know that not all companies, because of confidentiality clauses and commercial confidentiality, can give us references. However, in the advanced stage of the preliminary agreement we can obtain permission for our customers to visit the companies in order to see our installations.

Industrial installations for ozonation are composed of:

  • source of gas supplying the ozone generator; it can be compressed (dehydrated, dust-free and deoiled) air, oxygen from a cylinder or an oxygen concentrator,
  • ozone generator; it should be selected with a performance reserve of approx. 30%; concentration of ozone in the exhaust gas is a very important parameter for selecting the right ozone generator,
  • mass transfer system between ozonated medium and ozone: Venturi tubes, ceramic, polymer or steel diffusers, ozone mats, perforated tubes, etc.,
  • ozonated medium tank in the case of liquid ozonation in the injector-recirculation system,
  • contact reactor If the mass transfer (ozonation, ozone dissolving) occurs in the injection process,
  • post-reaction (residual) ozone destructors,
  • additional systems – booster pumps, bypasses, valves, on- line or time ozone concentration measurement systems, mixers, adjustable rotameters.

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