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How to ozonise a car, how to ozonise air conditioning in the car

How to use an ozone generators for car odors

Instruction for car’s interior, air conditioning ozonation

For ozonation of car air conditioning, we recommend the Korona A series of ozone generators (see “What kind of ozone generator to choose for car ozonation“):

Korona A 10 

Ozonation, cleaning car air conditioning and vehicle interior; ozonation of very small rooms

Korona A 20 

Ozonation of car air conditioning and small rooms

Korona A 40

Professional ozonator for workshops, car wash; ozonation of large rooms


Ozonation of air conditioning is one of the most effective methods of disinfection. Ozone, as a triatomic oxygen molecule, tends to oxidise and sterilises everything that is in contact with. So by ozonising and cleaning the air conditioning, the interior of the car is automatically ozonised. In case of service aimed only at ozonation of the interior, ventilation should also be activated, which will ensure air movement – uniform distribution of gas allowing to reach ozone to every place – this is the most important issue during the ozonation of cubature.

Ozonation kills: fungi, spores, moulds, mites, viruses, all spore forms. Ozone removes all odours (e.g. cigarette smoke, mustiness, after floods, after fires, etc.)

Step 1.  Car ozonation should be preceded by the removal of the odour source (insofar as, of course, it is feasible)

If the car has been cleaned and the upholstery has been washed, it can be ozonated immediately after such cleaning – there is no need to wait for drying. Our ozone generators are designed to work under such conditions.

Step 2. We have ozone generator for car ozonation. What comes next?

In order to clean the car air conditioning and remove the odour from the car cabin, place the ozone generator on the floor of the passenger seat or on the seat at the front of the car in such a way that the outlet of the device is directed to the place of the air being sucked into the air conditioning system – always behind the passenger glove compartment.
Windows and doors should be closed, air conditioning set to the closed circuit, to the maximum cooling efficiency (the lowest temperature).

Exemplary settings of air conditioning during ozonation:




Step 3. Ozonation of air conditioning and car – time of treatment

Below there are approximate minimum ozonation times of air conditioning and car interior. Why approximate? The time of ozonation depends on the size of the car, the odour type, the degree of fungal coverage of air conditioning. They can prolong the ozonation time. When the odour from the ventilation, cabin can be still felt, the service should be repeated.

Korona A 10

The basic service of ozonation of a car, air conditioning consists of 2 treatments for 30 minutes.

Korona A 20

The basic service of ozonation of a car, air conditioning consists of 2 treatments for 15-20 minutes.

Korona A 40

With the use of ozone transmission pipes it is possible to ozonise 2 cars at the same time – the basic ozonation service consists of 2 treatments for 15-20 minutes.


Ozonator Korona A 10 „Minimax”

Ozonation of air conditioning and car interior; Korona A 10 “Minimax” ozone generator

Ozonator Korona A 20

Ozonation of the car with the Korona A 20 ozone generator and a plastic pipe (available in our company)










How to use a car ozonator – additional information

Ozone produced by our ozone generators do not cause damage, discolouration of upholstery, leather, damage to the electronics, plastics.

After the treatment, the smell of ozone will last for several hours. This is completely natural and safe – the amount of ozone delivered by our ozone generator is safe for human, but sufficient for deodorisation and disinfection. Ozone decomposes to the oxygen we breathe. It is ecological.

Professional ozonation of cars for transportation of food is essentially identical. Place the ozone generator in a closed space and turn on for the planned time depending on the ozonated volume (10 m³ – 30 minutes). If there is no possibility of ventilation, wait 2 hours before use. During this time, ozone will decompose into oxygen. Ozonation is also used in cars  transporting animals, agricultural crops and collective transport vehicles. In the case of cars for carrying passengers, it is invaluable that ozone kills all bacteria and viruses, thereby eliminates the possibility of reciprocal infection.

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