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Braided cables

We produce colourful cotton and polyester braided cables for the shop kablewoplocie.pl. The cotton braided cable is perfectly compatible with pre-war products and not just imitates them. We use the original, and renovated by us, machine from 1925 and pure cotton as a raw material. We use polyester braid for already prepared wires in pvc sheath. Braided cables have no doubt decorative properties and can be used for surface-mounted installations and renovation of old radios, chandeliers, lamps, wall lamps, etc. Available on request in any quantity. The largest cross section is 3 x 3.5 mm2.The cable meets the applicable requirements and can be used in all electrical devices by replacing the wire in the pvc sheath. The price depends on the order; delivery at the customer’s expense.

Palette of cable colours: (click to enlarge)

paleta1 paleta2






For the most demanding customers, we can offer SILK braided cables and electrical equipment (sockets, contacts, dowels) of white porcelain of the highest quality; please take a look at the pictures below! Contact us and order the cables. Contact us on the cable order.

Cables braided in cotton and polyester

Cables in silk braiding

Porcelain switch and socket

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