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Analysis of fungi spores (allergens) at allergy sufferer home



If there is a suspicion that the symptoms of allergic patient may be caused by allergy to fungal spores, you can test whether and how fungi are present in the apartment. The survey is to collect prints from walls or furniture and incubation of spores, on suitable nourishment, that were gathered this way. If colonies of fungi appear on nourishment, they are identified and counted, which tells us the type and even the species of fungus and a good approximation to determine how many of its spores are in a room. The information gained in this way are very valuable because they allow you to take specific actions to remove from the environment allergic sensitizating him fungal spores, which is an important element in the whole allergy treatment.


If test results are positive we service “fumigation” using ozone method and removal of humidity with condensation dryer.

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