Korona ozonators annihilate allergens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and eliminate odors

For eighteen years “Korona” Laboratory has been involved in electrochemistry, research on ozone, instrumental chemical analytics, microwave technology, and the support of scientific works in these fields. The success of the research part was to construct a corona discharge lamp of our own design for ozone production. This is not a ceramic ozone plate, but a glass and metal lamp coated with sprayed alloy of iridium and platinum. There are few companies in the world that use such a sophisticated technology. Our company has joined this exclusive group.

Owing to its strong oxidising properties (oxidation-reduction potential of 2.07 V), ozone is used to destroy among other things bacteria, viruses as well as fungi and their endospores. In addition it oxidises organic compounds disinfecting liquids (fluids, gases) contained in them. Ozone also oxidises dissolved inorganic compounds (semiconductor industry, drinking water ozonation).

The company is managed by Andrzej Luft, a graduate of Chemistry (Łódź University of Technology) and Biology (Jagiellonian University), and its sole owner is Wojciech Luft, a graduate of Mathematics (Łódź University of Technology). Jakub Luft, the owner’s brother, master of two majors: Finance and Accounting (University of Łódź) and Management (University of Łódź). As a consequence, the “Korona” laboratory is a family business. Under our surname “Luft” the company has operated continuously (including war periods) since 1881, i.e. 135 years.

Our technology of glass ozonising lamps developed in our laboratory has been applied to our ozone generators and ozonation systems. A wide range of products (industrial ozone generators and amateur ozone generators), production of reactors to dissolve ozone in liquid and ozone destruct units, as well as a broad range of equipment(air ozone concentration meters, water ozone concentration meters, dosing systems, diffusers for water or air ozonation, air pumps for powering ozone generators, contact tanks, oxygen generators) puts us in the position of a world leader.
We produce and install complete stations for air and water ozonation in processing and industrial plants.
As one of the few, our laboratory produces ozonated olive oil and other ozonated oils using the technological standards of medicine production.

We treat the improvement of the existing equipment, expanding the product range, expanding the market, and being up-to-date with the science, as a business obligation, not forgetting, of course, about income. Work should give satisfaction and so it is in our case. We would like to remind that “Luft” is one of the Europe’s oldest continuously operating companies.

We build and sell ozone generators based on our own technology and we design and produce any (laboratory, semi-technical and technical ozonation systems.

Our ozone generators are designed for continuous operation (without breaks). They are covered by a four-year warranty, ozone generators for air desinfection the most popular in the market – five years.

“Korona” laboratory does not have its distributors, representatives, salesmen in Poland. There are no external service technicians, either. Companies imitating our ozone generators clumsily have appeared in the Polish and Czech markets. But … they only have similar or even identical housings … and ceramic ozone plates inside. Avoid the fakes.

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