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Literature on installations

We invite you to read the literature on the use of ozone installations in various industries:

» Evaluation of support methods for pool water disinfection (polish version – pdf) 
» Use of ozone in the food industry (Polish version – pdf)
» Ozonating water (polish version – pdf)
» Effect of ozonation of groundwater on characteristics of organic matter and the formation of by-products (the Polish version – pdf)
» Use of ozone to improve safety of fresh fruits and vegetables (english version – pdf)
» Ozone as an alternative disinfectant (english version – pdf)
» Use of Ozone in the Fish Industry (english version – pdf)
» Ozone in Food & Agriculture (english version – pdf)
» Oxidation of NOx with ozone (polish version – pdf)
» Mass Transfer of High Concentration Ozone With High Efficiency Injectors and Degassing Separators (english version – pdf)
» Ozone Capabilites (english version – pdf)
» The Replacement of Chlorination in the Treatment of Municipal Drinking Water (english version – pdf)
» Oxidation Of Aromatic Compounds With UV Radiation/Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide (english version – pdf)

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